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Text from the website of Brand Unit:

Fashion Photography: The Holy Union
Wedding photography is the bread and butter of a lot of photographers. When the bills are paid, there’s more time to follow the purely artistic inspirations. brand unit helps Roland Faistenberger to establish himself fully in the fashion industry. Roland Faistenberger, a popular and highly sought after wedding photographer, dared to change paths, from wedding to fashion photography. In such a competitive industry, brand unit developed a branding and concept that would distance him from the pack. Ideal lighting makes or breaks a photo shoot. This is especially true in a time and age when everybody who owns a smart phone and an Instagram account thinks they are artists and bad lighting can be cured simply with a filter. Roland Faistenberger knows better. He’s a professional. So brand unit created a design system based on the very aspect of light. In this design concept, all elements look completely different when held up to the light, just like his subjects. This notion is translated to the photographer’s web presence by creating a grid system that is hidden, which allows the website to constantly evolve and change, the same way light and artists do on a regular basis. (Read less)

Creative Direction: Albert Handler; Art Direction & Design: Zachary Kutz; Account Director: Andreas Oberkanins

Design Concept & Photos: Brand Unit

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